More about Us

Hope you all are doing fabulous.
Welcome to our blog.
As they say two heads are better than one, we, the authors of this blog are two very different individuals coming together for our passion of writing (or criticizing :P)

Meet Us Here

Hi. My name is Kulsoom and I am a fan of good looking men. 😛

I stay in Dubai currently. I did my bachelors in interior design. Being the only girl in my family, I was and still am pampered a lot. There was a time where I used to spend thousands easily in one trip to the mall. It was only later when I starting working with my father for his jewellery business, I realized life isn’t that easy.

I really really love makeup. Watching tutorials, creating new looks, being obsessed with DIYs is what I do all day. All the natural remidies and make up look posts would mostly be written by me.

Lookin forward to starting this journey with all of you.


I am Fatima. I am Kulsooms cousin. Since we both were missing each other and were used to being by each others side all the time, we decided to join hands together for the blog.
I suck at posing for photos and not a fan of selfies either. This was a picture taken with a lot of effort put into it.
After having done my MBA in Dubai and moving to Australia after getting married, my life hasnt been the same. After hunting for a job over a year and doing a couple of short courses, I have decided that there is much to life than sulk about the things not falling in place. I have a passion to write. I used to pen down articles for newspapers and magazines during my school years.
I abosolutely love cooking and travelling. Posts about travelling and eaiser recipes would majorly be posted by me.
Hope y’all enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by! Would love to know where our readers are from.

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