How to step up your lash game with these easy hacks

Come on girls, be honest, we all love long curly flirty eyelashes. Even if you are a make up fan or no you want your lashes to look perfect all the time.

Today, lets have a look at a few hacks you can try to have out of this world eyelashes.

  1. Invest in a good mascara


Now a good mascara can range from about $5 to even $50. You don’t have to worry about buying the most expensive one either because all thanks to the drug store brands, they are coming up with some amazing mascaras.  Having a good mascara really helps. And make sure you don’t use any low quality ones because they can cause your lashes to thin and fall out. We have listed (tried and tested them too) out some of the best drugstore and high end mascaras.


Maybelline by Makeup by Shayla Volume Express ($8) – The colossal big shot – Those of you make up addicts know that renowed Insta Make up artist Shayla ( released her collab with maybelline this year and its totally rocking the make up community. It gives lashes more definition and thickness. Try it and thank us later. (Unfortunately they do not ship this collection as of now anywhere except the US). Till then rock the Maybelline Lash Sensation mascara.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara – Sooooper volumizing and lengthening mascara to give you that flirty look. Also holds the curl for a long time.

Rimmel London Shake it fresh Mascara – Rimmel is one brand which comes up with out of the box products and packaging. They did it again with shake it mascara. This mascara houses a little shaker inside that mixes up the mascara. The result: zero clumps!

High End

Diorshow – People in the beauty industry are swearing by this mascara. This mascara comes with a great brush and an amazing formula to give you lashes on the fleek.

Lancome Hypnôse and Lancome Grandoise – You’ll never know what true love unless you use the hypnôse – hands down best for volume and grandoise – giving you lash extensions and fuller effect.

Givenchy Nior – This mascara is true to its product description – ‘Complete Lash Care’. This multitasking waterproof mascara is formulated with Givenchy’s exclusive Lash Booster Expert Complex that provides nutrition, revitalization, fortification, and protection. WOAH!

Honorable mentions – Benefit – They are real mascara and Two Faced – Better than Sex.

Tip – Coloured Mascaras are really in right now. Try rocking a nude lippy and coloured mascara to give you that pop.

2. Natural Remedies

  • Apply Castor Oil to your eyelashes – The advantages of this include, making your eyelashes thicker and longer. Do this every night and feel the difference for yourself. Trust me you do not need to invest in high end serums or lash conditioners because they are nothing but full of chemicals. This is a slow process but definitely successful.
  • Trim your eyelashes –  Now, as scary as this sounds, its not really something you should get scared of. Just like trimming your hair gives them better growth, cutting off snips of your eyelashes will help them grow better. You need to just cut the micro mini ends of your eyelashes carefully with a scissors. Have a look :

  • Brushing your lashes can also help them grow. It will help get rid of dust and dirt. Moreover, it will encourage blood circulation so that more nutrients reach the hair follicles. Do this by applying Vitamin E Oil or Coconut oil to a spoolie brush and brushing it over your lashes.
  • Use Green Tea – Harness the power of cooled, seeped green tea along your lash line. Its full of anti oxidants giving them much needed boost.

There are lots more remedies which you can have a look online.

3. Try this At home lash extensions

Now, I am a huge fan of lash extensions and who doesn’t want them by not putting a whole into your purse.

Check out this bloggers video on how she does eyelash extensions at home step by step by spending a few dollars and getting salon results. (Don’t do this unless you are confident enough because the glue can get into your eyes and cause harm)

(Source – Amber Scholl Youtube Channel)

Or try this super easy Huda Beauty approved hack

(Source – Huda Beauty Youtube Channel)

4. Hacks while doing Make Up

  • Heat your eyelash curler before curling your lashes. This will help the lashes stay curled up for a long time. Try spraying in some hairspray on your eyelash curler. Check out the difference – pretty dramatic ehh!!


(Source – Tina Yong Youtube Channel)

  • Having issues all the time to remove your waterproof mascara from your lashes? An easy way to avaoid this problem is to layer your mascaras. First apply a coat of regular mascara and after it dries, use your waterproof mascara. This will give you worry free eye make up removal.
  •  Hold the brush at a horizontal angle if you want thick lashes, or turn it vertically for a more natural finish, especially for the lower lashes.53a078f34921f_-_cos-01-mascara-de

(Source –

Happy Fluttering guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Let us know your favorite mascaras in the comments below.

Seeee ya sooooon!!!

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