The FLOUR with the most diverse qualities

Bonjour everyone! Hope you all are doing fantastic!!! Sorry its been really long since we posted something on this blog. Life gets quite busy hey!
Anyway, moving on to this week’s favorite ingredient.

Do you know every flour is kept in your pantry cupboard, has a lot of benefits and uses, other than cooking. Be it wheat flour( can help you make play-doh for your little one), all purpose flour (you can make paper-mache with this kind of flour, not kidding),almond flour (gluten free) and of course Gram Flour. 


Made with chana daal or bengal gram, this flour has various uses. Used for making a variety of dishes in Indian Pakistani subcontinent, this flour is also one of the best medicines you can give to your skin. Lets look at some of the uses just for the skin of this flour.

Facepack to help fight acne 

The zinc in gram flour can fight infections that cause acne. And the fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels. Imbalanced blood sugar levels can stress your hormones, causing breakouts or pimples. Gram flour can prevent that.

A simple you can make out gram flour and the other rest of the things which are already available in your kitchen



1tsp Gram flour
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp of lemon juice
1 tsp of honey


Cleanse your skin properly and make sure there is no make up. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply it to your dry face.
Keep this face pack for 10-15 mins and rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Use this face pack 2-3 times a week and this works like magic.

Amazing exfoliator mask



3tsp of gram flour
1tsp of oats
2 tsp of corn flour

Few drops of rose water and milk 

Take all the dry ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Add raw milk/ rose water till the mixture becomes creamy
Apply this mask to your face and body and scrub it for about 5-10mins.
The scrub works very well and removes dead skin cells all over your body and face. It also removes excess sebum and dirt. You can try this mark during shower as well. 

Mask for reducing facial hair

I can swear by this mask at any point of the day. This DIY was passed onto me from my grandmother and over time you will be able to see results. Obviously you can’t expect it to work like you have had a laser session done but yeah regular use helps those tiny golden black hair to fall out. 



1tsp Gram flour
1tsp of fenugreek powder

Few drops of rose water

Mix the powders together. Add rose water to prepare a thick and creamy paste
Apply the mask on the face and wait for it to dry. After the mask dries, wet your fingers and rub it in circular motion until you have rubbed your entire face. Rinse with cold water. 

Reducing tan mask



4 tsp of gram flour
1tsp lemon juice
1tsp yogurt
A pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste.
Apply the mask all over your face and neck and wait it to dry for about 10-15mins.
Rinse with cold water or add some ice cubes to the normal temperature water and wash your face and neck. Use this mask usually before a shower.

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